A unique fly-tying vise of quality and versatility with two position head options at either the standard 30°or 90° for horizontal tying and comfort. This durable vise is machined from stainless steel & aluminum.

Featuring our famous hook holding capability, notch lock cam and 360° rotation.

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FC Enhanced
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Kingfisher Kit

With  Waspi tying materials, Dr. Slick Tools, DVD– Tying the Caddis, cement, instruction book– Basic Fly Tying

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Large version of a Voyager with large base

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the second vise designed by Ron Abby. The jaw size is slightly smaller then the Professional but larger then the Barracuda. It is set at 30 degrees with full rotation with a friction knob. It comes with either the heavy large pedestal base or large clamp. A great vise for tying classes!

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With built in material clip

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With unlimited angle position

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Voyager II

With travel pouch

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X1 Vise

With brass interlocking adaptor and large base.

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