Barracuda: This finely crafted vise offers all of the great features preferred by professional tiers everywhere. With all stainless steel construction except the jaws made out of hardened tool steel, smooth rotation with precision ball bearings, easy height adjustment, convenient material clip, notch lock cam, excellent hook holding capability 32 to 8/10 OT, and lt. wt. bobbin hanger included. This vise is offered with either a heavy duty extra large pedestal base or a large clamp with outrigger at a very competitive price.

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Barracuda Deluxe

The Barracuda Deluxe has all the features as the regular Barracuda except all the knobs are high grade brass and it comes with the 90 degree handle for speed crank and Bobbin hanger.

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Barracuda Junior

Smaller version of the Barracuda. All stainless steel construction with the exception of the jaw which are hardened tool steel. The base is a bit smaller for compactness. Difference is Junior has a double material clip and the pedestal base is large instead of extra-large. The clamp is the small with outrigger. Bobbin hanger included.

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Very Popular vise!  From the Barracuda series with bells and whistles.  The Excalibur fit for a King or Queen comes with pivotal Bobbin hanger, 90° Handle, Adjustable shaft & vise head, CURRENT CHOICES ARE: SILVER BEARING HOUSING AND CHOICE OF BLUE OR BLACK PEDESTAL BASE OR LARGE CLAMP WITH OUTRIGGER.  The current choice of Pedestal colors: Black, Blue.  Please specify.

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With 8 position indexing knob and Bobbin hanger

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Side-Winder Rotary

Ron Abbey's first rotary design

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With Bobbin hanger

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Ultimate Indexer

With Adjustable Bobbin Hanger, 8 indexing position knob, 90° Handle, Instructional DVD & featuring the Innovative Angle Adjustment Shaft.

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