"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with Dyna-King Professional Vise. It’s everything you promised and then some, after one month of hard use I can honestly say it is responsible for significantly increasing productivity."
Capt. Butch Tawes
Salisbury, MD
"I am pleased to enclose the warranty registration card for a Dyna-King Supreme vise. I wanted to take a moment to tell you how very pleased I am with this product. The design and engineering of this vise is superior to anything in the market. In addition, the ease of clamping the hook and the hook holding power itself is far superior to the xxxxxx model XXXX that I use to own. This vise will truly last a lifetime. I also want you to know what a fine dealer you have in Nestor’s Sporting goods here in Whitehall, PA. Dan Buss, co-manager of the Rod & Bow Shop division, did an outstanding job in selling this vice. It is always a pleasure to purchase an item from a person who truly believes in the product. Dan is that kind of person.

Thanks again for making such a great product and I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you one of these days."
Vincent C. Gioieni
"Just want to let you know I’ve had the vise for a while and have been using it well. I can honestly say it’s the best vice I’ve ever used. I’m a professional fly tyer, and tie a lot of flies (luckily, not as many as the guys who tye for shops). The ease my tying has become just from using your vise has been incredible. I just wanted to say how good of a job you were doing on your vises, and plan on buying a couple more in the near future. We will be buying a barracuda Jr for my traveling box, and a tube fly vise as well. I’m very satisfied, and have sold friends on them as well.

I felt I should tell you of your wonderful product. Keep up the good work."
Jerry Daschofsky
Tacoma, WA
"I bought the barracuda vise when you first came out with it so many years ago! I’ve had ZERO issues or problems with it! Never had to replace a thing on it! I’ve tried 10’s of thousands of flies on it over the years both commercially and for my own use.

I’ve been through 4 xxxxxx vises including their “xxxxxxx” or as I call it “the overpriced piece of aluminum”!
I finally got my guys to buy one and now they are true believers! There is a huge difference between a true Tool and an overpriced piece of aluminum! 

Keep up the excellent work!

Dyna-King user since 1990!"
Mike Sfakianos
"I am in receipt of my Dyna King Barracuda vise. This unit is the best vise I have EVER had. I have been tying for 65 years, my first vise was home-made by my father! I am very conservative, I wish I had bent and purchased your product much, much earlier. I have salivated over it for several years. I have enjoyed making several dozen flies for friends (no charge) on your vise. It is very nice to have access to a product of the stature of my Dyna King. Thank you."
Melvin D. Kellogg
Delta, CO
"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with Dyna-King Professional Vise. It’s everything you promised and then some, after one month of hard use I can honestly say it is responsible for significantly increasing productivity."
Capt. Butch Tawes
Salisbury, MD
"Your vise is one of the finest vises I have used on saltwater flies."
Chico Fernandez
Miami, FL
"I didn’t realize that that vise was the first one sold. I definitely will hang on to your letter and the original parts. I really appreciate your converting the vise for me at no charge. 

Fly tying has been my hobby for over thirty years and I have never had a vise that approaches the quality of yours."
Don Labbe
"I have owned my Dyna King Barracuda vise since 1993 and bought it brand new at Nitelight outdoors in Clarksville Arkansas. I have never had a problem with it at all. I have been a commercial tier since 1996 to the present and tying at shows every year the Sowbug Roundup and the Fly Fishers International both in Mt. Home Arkansas. It had lead me to be fly designer at Rainy’s Flies, pro team member at Deer Creek UV resin ambassador for Flymen Fishing Co at the tying shows I attend and last my own little tying business Dan’s Hand-Tied Flies. And what I am trying to say if it was for this great product I wouldn’t be what I am today."
Danny Ward
"The Dyna-King is the finest fly vise I have ever used in 40 odd years of tying."
Grant King

"About 30 years ago I walked into a fly shop in Santa Rosa, California where a guy named King was working at a vise. I was shopping for one and he told me about the vice he was tying on. He said he helped design it. I liked it, but he didn’t have any in stock at the moment. I was only in town for a short bit and had to leave the next day. Mr. King boxed up the vise he had been tying on and sold it to me at discount. I have used the vice since then and it has held up though many a fly. I have appreciated the vice’s durability through these years."
Warren Masten
"I would just like to let you know that I think the Sidewinder is the finest rotary vise on the Market. I have been through a lot of vises over the years but I must say that Dyna King vises are the finest. I recently tried another companies $600 dollar vise. And to be honest with you I cannot see how they sell them that much. I tried a Barracuda but am now tying on a Sidewinder, the machine work is flawless. I also have a Supreme with many of your accessories. I teach fly tying classes in Los Alamos at the Sports Bag and most recently at the Orvis Shop located in Santa Fe and Albuquerque New Mexico. Once again thank you for giving us the consumer something that is flawlessly made and also at a reasonable cost. It is truly a pleasure to recommend your products."
James M. Mosley
Los Alamos, NM
"Just a little note to say “Thank You” for a truly “Great” product and excellent customer warranty service! I sent my “Prince” vice #1130 in for some warranty service and got it back in less than 1 week. Truly amazing in this day and age. And the vise came back perfect! Thanks also for the price list & brochures I’ve now got my “sights” on the new “Sidewinder” vise. It looks like a Helluva Rotary. Keep up the good work! Thanks again Ron and to all those who work for you!"
Mark Worsham


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